Advantages Of Street Light

Street light is a light source that emanates from the main street, to be viewed by pedestrians. It sometimes is also used to refer to lighting in the street, which includes all lights that come from above except those installed in buildings and on poles. Street lights are often found in urban areas with high levels of traffic. The term is also used more generally as a synonym for lighting fixtures specifically designed for this purpose, such as the world’s first electric lamppost, or street lamps and luminaires since then.

Advantages of street light

1. Avoiding traffic accident

The greatest effect of street lamps is to put people up in the well-lit at night. The pedestrians can see better and avoid hitting each other; it also makes it easier to do a pedestrian crossing or stop at a crosswalk.

2. Avoiding crime

During times of darkness, visibility tends to decrease, which would make it easy for one person to commit a crime against another.

By lighting up the streets with street lights, an adequate amount of light is emitted by them. Crime rate is therefore reduced and normal traffic flow maintained.

3. Public safety

The use of street lights has been shown to reduce crime rates by lowering the darkness in public areas. Such areas are safer because people can see them more clearly, and therefore feel at ease to move around them.

4. Emphasizing the road conditions

Encourage the flow of traffic, reduce traffic accidents and make traffic signs visible and clear. Increase visibility at night and enhance the security level, in general.

5. Improve relations between neighbors

When a neighborhood is well lit neighbors get to know each other better and crime rates go down. More people are on the streets after dark, so they can easily see if someone is causing any trouble; this helps to make the community safer for everyone.

The use of street lights seems to be a common practice in almost all urban areas. The advantages of street light are numerous, but the biggest one is definitely the reduction of crime rates, especially committed against women and minors.